Test Locations

When you register, you are registering for a test area, not a specific location. The specific location listed within each test area is the location we expect to use; however, both test areas and specific test locations are subject to change without notice. If it becomes necessary to change a test location, every attempt will be made to ensure that the new location is in the same general area.

This page provides a way to look up test areas and locations nearest you. To do so, select the county where you wish to test in the menu below. There are specific test areas and locations designated for both emergency registration and for Sunday testing. You may choose to view all available test areas or the specific test areas available for emergency registration testing or Sunday testing.

Important: Walk-ins are never accepted. Please do not contact the testing locations. They are rented facilities, and no information is available at the testing locations. For all testing questions, you should contact the CHSPE Office directly.

Space is limited. Register as early as possible to increase your chances of being assigned to a site in your area.

Select your county from the drop-down menu to view a list of test locations near you. To view only Emergency Registration or Sunday Testing locations, select their corresponding buttons.