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Certificates & Transcripts

If you have passed the CHSPE, you may order an official transcript or a duplicate Certificate of Proficiency. Transcripts and duplicate Certificates of Proficiency will be available after you pass the CHSPE and receive your official documents. A transcript is an official letter that certifies that you have passed the test. Examinees who began testing after January 1, 2007 will receive a score report as part of their transcript. Employers and Schools have different requirements regarding the type of documentation they require. If you are having the CHSPE Office send records to a third party, you should contact that party to ensure you are sending the type of documentation they require.

To order a duplicate Certificate of Proficiency or one or more transcripts, you must complete and submit to the CHSPE Records Office a Certificate/Transcript Order Form (PDF). You must sign the form and mail it to the CHSPE Records Office along with the appropriate fee. An original signature is required. A transcript or duplicate Certificate of Proficiency will not be provided if your CHSPE account is not paid in full.

The items you request will be mailed via first-class mail within 10 business days of receipt of your request and payment. For an additional fee, the items you request will be sent via overnight mail to any location within the continental United States within three business days following receipt of your request (rush service). The fees for these services are listed below and must be paid by bank-issued cashier’s check or a money order payable to California Department of Education.

By checking the appropriate box next to the recipient’s phone number and by providing a fax number, you may have the requested documents sent by fax to the recipient at the time the document is mailed or shipped.

Certificate and Transcript Fees
Item Fee
Transcript $15.00 each
Duplicate Certificate $25.00 each
Rush Service $15.00 additional per mailing address

Incomplete order forms and forms with incorrect payment will be returned unprocessed.

The fees quoted for transcripts and certificates do not include postage outside the continental United States. Persons requesting that their records be shipped outside the continental United States must include an addressed, postage paid, envelope with their records request.

If you are a third-party (school, employer, verification company, etc.) requesting records, your request must include a request form, a release of educational records signed by the candidate, and proper payment. If you have a copy of a Certificate of Proficiency and would simply like it verified, you may send it by fax or e-mail to the CHSPE Office at 916-228-2665 or chspe@scoe.net and the CHSPE Records Office will respond with a "Yes" or "No" answer indicating whether the document matches the current CHSPE records or not. No further information can be acquired without an official records request.