Fees & Payment

California High School Proficiency Exam testing fees are non-refundable. The payment method depends on what kind of registration process you have chosen, standard registration or electronic registration. When using standard registration, fees must be paid by money order or cashier’s check. When using electronic registration, fees are paid using a credit card. The amount of the fee is based on the date your completed packet of registration materials (including your registration form, proof of eligibility, payment and any other required materials) arrives in the CHSPE Office. This is true of both standard and electronic registration.

How to submit your payment using standard registration:

When you fill out your registration form using standard registration, you need to decide what fee is appropriate based on:

  1. How much more preparation time you will need to gather your materials
  2. How much shipping time it will take for your materials to arrive in Sacramento, California based on your intended method of shipment, and
  3. How much time remains until the next registration deadline

If you can get your completed materials to the CHSPE Office by:

  • the Regular Registration Deadline, your fee will be $110.00
  • the Late Registration Deadline, your fee will be $135.00
  • the Emergency Registration Deadline, your fee will be $160.00

Your fee must be paid in the form of a money order or bank-issued cashier's check.

No personal checks, credit cards, or cash will be accepted.

Please make your money order or cashier’s check out to the "California Department of Education" or "CDE."

Note: If your registration materials arrive after the deadline that you have chosen or if they are incomplete when they arrive, you will be responsible for any additional registration fees. You may be registered and allowed to test, but you will not receive results until your account (including any additional fees) is paid in full. If, for any reason, your payment is not honored by its issuing financial institution, you will be charged an additional $25 fee to cover the processing to clear your account. Your exam results will not be provided and you will not be allowed to register for future CHSPE administrations until your account, including the additional $25 fee, is paid in full.

How to submit your payment using electronic registration:

Electronic registration fees are charged to a credit card when you fill out your registration form. The appropriate fee is automatically charged pending the review of any necessary supporting documents. If your supporting documents are unacceptable and you do not submit replacements before the next registration deadline passes, you will be responsible for additional fees and may not be allowed to test. The CHSPE Office reserves the right to reverse credit card payments for any reason. Once you are registered, credit card payments are non-refundable.