Multiple-choice results on both CHSPE sections are reported using scale scores that typically range from 250 to 450. Raw scores (i.e., the number of questions answered correctly) are converted to scale scores to correct for any differences in difficulty across test forms. Regardless of the particular test form taken, or the particular test date on which the test is taken, equal scale scores represent essentially the same level of performance.

To pass the Mathematics section, you must earn a scale score of at least 350. To pass the English Language Arts section, you must pass the Language subtest and the Reading subtest. To pass the Reading subtest, you must earn a scale score of at least 350. The passing standard for the Language subtest is based on the combination of your multiple-choice and writing task scores as shown below.

Score Combination to Pass the Language Subtest
If your writing task score is: Your multiple-choice score must be at least:
2 or lower You cannot pass.
2.5 365
3 350
3.5 342

Summer 2020 score reports will be mailed August 14, 2020. Additionally, if you have passed both sections of the test, a Certificate of Proficiency will be mailed to you. If your official results do not arrive in the mail, you must contact the CHSPE Office to correct any incorrect information. You must then submit a request in writing stating that your results did not arrive, and you require a replacement set of results. This request must be received within three months of your test date, or you will be required to pay a fee if you choose to replace the certificate. Only one replacement set of results will be sent. Unofficial score reports will also be available in your User Portal for a limited time.

Results Mailing Dates
Test Date Results Mailed
October 19, 2019 November 22, 2019
March 21, 2020 April 24, 2020
June 20, 2020 August 14, 2020

Your score report will show your current status on the CHSPE (i.e., whether you have passed or not passed the CHSPE) and your most recent performance on the part(s) of the test you have taken through the most recent test date. For the Mathematics section, English Language Arts Reading subtest, and the multiple-choice questions on the English Language Arts Language subtest, your most recent performance on each of the content clusters of the test is shown. (The content clusters are described on the Test Specifications page.) The number of questions in the cluster and the number you answered correctly are shown, and your performance is rated in one of three categories: "Adequate or Better," "Below Adequate," or "Far Below Adequate." This information identifies areas in which you may need improvement. (Cluster information is not provided for administrations prior to 2007.)

If you do not pass the Mathematics section, the English Language Arts Language subtest, and/or the English Language Arts Reading subtest, you may retake the sections or subtest(s) that you have not passed. Through the June 20, 2020 examination, you do not need to retake any subtest or section that you have passed. (Note, however, that on the Language subtest both the multiple-choice questions and the writing task must be completed at the same administration.) The CHSPE test series will change after the June 20, 2020 test administration. After that time, examinees who have not yet earned a Certificate of Proficiency will need to begin the testing process again in the new test series. There is no limit to the number of times you may take the test, but you must register and pay each time.

If you passed the CHSPE English Language Arts section after January 2004, you do not need to take the current English Language Arts section. Results on the CHSPE taken prior to January 2004 cannot be combined with results on the CHSPE taken after January 2004.

Please note the following:

  • If your CHSPE account is not paid in full, your test results will not be provided to you until your account has been paid in full.
  • If you attend a K–12 public school, and you provided your school's name on your registration form, when you have passed both sections of the CHSPE your name will be included on a roster of passing examinees made available to your school district. The CHSPE Office reserves the right to report passers to private schools and charter schools who request information regarding their students who take the CHSPE.
  • CHSPE data for all examinees (passers and non-passers) at each administration will be provided to the California Department of Education.

Your CHSPE results will not be provided to anyone else unless you request to have a transcript sent as described in Transcripts.

Voiding of Results

Reasonable security precautions are taken in the development, administration and scoring of the CHSPE. The California Department of Education and the CHSPE Office reserve the right to void any CHSPE score for inappropriate behavior at the testing site or if, in their opinion, there is adequate reason to question the validity or legitimacy of the registration or score. If doubts are raised about your registration or score, the CHSPE Office will notify the California Department of Education and other parties as deemed appropriate by the Department.